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About Us

Smoke Crossroads, INC.

Smoke Crossroads, INC. is a handcrafted kosher made e-juice manufacturing company. Located in Greensboro,NC and founded in 2013 by a 30+ year smoker who was looking for healthier alternatives to consuming nicotine. With his knowledge of culinary artistry, birthed Smoke Crossroads E-juice. Our heart and soul have gone into making a product that can appeal to wide range of consumers, Tobacco's, Menthols, Fruits and Desserts; we utilize only the highest quality of ingredients to ensure an overall great tasting flavor. 


Our Brand

Smoke Crossroads, INC delivers the highest quality of ingredients to overall taste. We utilize the highest kosher grade material purchased and manufactured locally in Greensboro, NC. We first began our craft 2 years ago in our retail shop on Spring Garden St in Greensboro,NC. We are still very much a small fish in a vastly growing pond and we will continue to classify ourselves as such even during potential growth. We want every customer to feel like priority and to never feel left behind. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate, produce, and execute our customers needs in a timely manner and make sure they are taken care of.

Our product comes from a local flavor lab in North Carolina that ensures quality over quantity. We take every precaution necessary to ensure that the product you are putting into your lungs is a safe and more effective way of consuming nicotine, along with getting a more enjoyable overall taste. 
Every flavor we produce is perfected in a small batch and then transmitted to a larger quantity in order to continue faster and effective delivery. Our flavor lab is an ISO classified level 6 clean room and lab. We utilize the G.P.S. (global purifying system) to ensure the air quality remains clean and toxin-free.
In conclusion, we care about you and what you choose to vape. We want your journey to a healthier lifestyle to begin right.

Take an exciting journey with us and remember... It Begins Here.