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Mutation V4S by Indulgence

The Mutation V4S is the newest RDA created by the notorious manufacturers of the popular Mutation series. Let me just preface this review by saying that I was a huge fan of the Mutation V2, but since that model I would say that the subsequent V3 and V4 were sub par. I remember the V2 and the ridiculous amount of air flow it provided along with the 4 post build deck. It was revolutionary for its time period in my book. Now, we have arrived at the V4S model, and let me be the first to tell you that we are back on track. The V4S is very similar to the V4 with one new feature that really makes all the difference. The designers went from a "traditional" 4 post deck to the new "velocity style" 2 post set up. This opens up much more room for builds in the deck, and also adds almost double the amount of juice well for superior wicking. In addition, the air coming through the side ports can flow freely without the obstacle of the large center post. The bottom air flow is still present, but I have noticed much less leakage than the V4. I'm assuming thats due to the increased amount of volume the juice well can hold. I am digging this. 


26/32 Twisted Clapton Wire by Geek Vape

4 wraps, 3mm

.28 ohm

Build note: First go at building this, I had the top of one of the grub screws strip out. The threads are fine, and it still had a good grip on the wire, but the Allen key was just spinning. They do include an entire second set of screws though.

How does it hit?

I've got it on my Reuleaux RX200 pumpin' out 100 Watts and this thing is chucking. The juice wells pick up the juice nicely, and is transferring it nicely to my awesome Geek Vape coils. I have noticed a slight bit of juice dripping out of the bottom air flows after extended use, but overall it is very little leakage. The flavor is downright amazing. There is air coming at these coils from all directions, and it is noticeable. The fact that I can put super hot coils in here, and keep them cool is a huge plus for me. The big surprise I have is that I haven't noticed any spit back at all. Usually I get a lot of juice magma shooting out of the drip tip at high wattage, but its all being contained on this RDA. That means I can get the big flavor from high wattage without the risk of getting a mouthful of scalding juice. Another bonus is that it comes with the plastic ring that screws in. This allows for more volume for vapor and air flow, thus more flavor. Also, it is even more reduction in spit back potential.

The Run-Down

Flavor: 10

Cloud: 9

Ease of Build: 8

Build Versatility: 8

Machining: 8


Excellent Flavor

Amazing Air Flow

Smooth Air Flow regulation

Sleek Look

Minimal Spit back

Large build deck

Ample juice well


Minor leakage

Weak grub screws



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