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Griffin RTA by Geek Vape

The Griffin RTA has been garnering a lot of praise these days. Geek Vape managed to cram a lot of desirable features into a very clean package. Some of the highlights include a velocity style build deck, adjustable juice flow, top-fill, and it has a HUGE drip tip. I was impressed with the large air flow openings. Building on the Griffin is made easier by the spacious two post deck. A wick retainer ring makes sealing your build simple and removes the guess work of wicking many older style RTA's. The juice ports provide efficient flow to keep the cotton moist and happy. That makes us able to build coils with low resistance while avoiding the dreaded dry hit. 


26/32 Twisted Clapton Wire by Geek Vape

7 wraps, 3mm

.38 ohms

How does it hit?

At 50 Watts and around 4.3V, I'm getting a flavorful, dense cloud production and am able to hit back to back without any indication of dry cotton. I am able to take deep, long drags without any spit back. Superior conductivity allows for clean and even power distribution throughout the hit. All around, I have yet to vape an RTA that can handle wattage and direct to lung hits as well as this one. In addition, we have vaped it all day long without one drip of juice seeping out of the air flow valve. Not too airy, but plenty of flow to chuck clouds. I am impressed.

The Run Down: (1-10)

Flavor: 8

Cloud: 7

Ease of Build: 10

Build Versatility: 9

Machining: 8


Excellent wicking

High wattage power handling

Perfect Airflow

Top Fill

Velocity Deck

Easy to build

Looks sick


Grub screws are a little delicate

No instructions included



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