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Hannya RDA

We recently un-boxed the elusive Hannya RDA. It is a very innovative design to say the least. It utilizes one of my favorite features, the honeycomb splatter guard. In addition, the guys at Blitz Enterprises have really broken the mold with their "post-less" design. I know crazy right? Basically, what this means, is that the coil legs are inserted directly into the build deck. There is a nice Peek insulator around the positively charged portion of the deck. This post-less design allows for a ridiculous amount of possibilities for building and wicking. The downside I noticed right off gate with their design is the shallow juice well. But wait! There is an effective o-ring seal around the bottom of the deck where the tube conveniently slides over. Therefore, I found that there is an ample amount of space to drip if the drip tip is removed. Another thing we noticed was that the threading on the post screws was slightly whiny. 


26/32 Twisted Clapton Wire by Geek Vape

5 wraps, 3mm

How does it hit?

Once we had it built and wicked up, it was time for vape magic to begin. The way that the wicks just kind of lay on top of the build deck allows for a massive wicking area. This somewhat makes up for the lack of juice well, but I'm not thoroughly convinced on that front. The airflow is more than adequate with the 7 port design. We really liked how the air flows all round the coils with no obstructions from posts. The flavor is decent, but what I really like is that you can rip this thing as hard as possible without any spit back. Therefore you can produce quite a cloud with no chance of roasting your throat. I noticed with heavy pulls, the flavor increases significantly. 

The Run Down: (1-10)

Flavor: 6

Cloud: 7

Ease of Build: 10

Build Versatility: 9

Machining: 5


Innovative build deck that allows for all kinds of crazy builds

Splatter guard

Good airflow for cool, big high wattage hits


Small juice well

Mediocre Flavor

Machining on post screws



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